Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Our History

The Delta Chapter of OTS became established at OVC during the 1913-1914 school year. This date is extremely important to the fraternity of OTS as a whole because it is from this time that OTS has been recognized as the only veterinary professional fraternity which can claim active and persisting international chapter membership.

In 1914 there were 74 registered members in the active Delta chapter. The founding members are to be commended for their devotion to the fraternity. In the spring of 1955 the Delta chapter acquired their first frat house. Shares in the OTS holding company were offered to active and graduate brothers alike. The original house was located at 51 Dundas Road. The acquisition of a house meant a fixed meeting place for the chapter and a unifying factor for the brothers who have taken part in many organized projects to improve and maintain it.

In 1963, a movement started in Delta's membership to build a new OTS chapter house which would allow more brothers with close affordable accommodation. In the spring of 1966 construction began on a new $150,000 house to house 32 brothers. This house is the current Delta Frat House and is located at 349 Gordon St. It is 2 stories high and of Dutch brick; has two 1500sq.ft. party rooms with fireplaces, 16 bedrooms, 2 washrooms and a TV and bar room. This effort was engineered largely through the tireless efforts of alumni P.C. Thomas M.W.N. and T.J. Hulland.

The Delta chapter became fully co-ed in 1983, accepting women into the fraternity and the house. On the campus at the University of Guelph, OTS continues to stand for and is an example of professional dynamism.

Omega Tau Sigma Creed

I believe in Omega Tau Sigma, society of kindred minds, united in fellowship to develop character, to promote leadership, and to encourage scholarshio in the advancement of the Veterinary Profession.
I will strive to make real these Fraternity ideals in my own daily life.